Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel in public areas and guest bedrooms. 

The Dergvale Hotel is open 24 Hours and check-in/out times are as follows: 
Check-In Time: After 2.30pm  (*LATE ARRIVALS: Please advise the hotel if you are arriving after 11.00pm*)
Check-Out Time: Before 11.00am 
Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee an early check-in before 2.30pm, as it is subject to early departures from guests who stay the night before. However, if an early check-in will be available on the day, we are happy to accommodate this request. **Please note that late check-outs are not possible**
The hotel offers free luggage storage facilities available to all our guests arriving any time before 2.30pm or departing after 11.00am. 

**There is No Lift or Ground Floor rooms at the hotel. All guest rooms are accessed by stairs only**

Dergvale Hotel is not suitable or accessible by wheelchair. Guest bedrooms and bathrooms are not adapted and do not have disability facilities.
All guest's special requests will be noted and we will do our very best to accommodate your request but we may not always be able to guarantee it. 
There is NO private car parking at the Dergvale Hotel.
The Mater Car Park on Eccles Street, is 5-7 minutes walk from the hotel and charge 3.20 Euro Per Hour or 15 Euro for 24 Hours Parking (Open 24 Hours).
Public street parking is available directly outside the hotel. Fee payable from 7am to 7pm at 3.20 Euro per hour (Monday to Saturday, Free on Sunday).
**Please Note: Car Parking prices are subject to change at any time**



Dergvale Hotel
4 Gardiner Place
Dublin 1
D01 P0K6


+353 1 874 4753





+353 1 874 4753

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